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    Visualization tools explore TASCHA research on access to information around the world

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    At the iSchool, we prepare information leaders. We research information challenges and design solutions that improve people's lives. We make information work.


    Apply your passion for analyzing and solving problems as you learn how to design, build and secure information systems.

    Informatics Informatics

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    On campus or online, develop the skills you need to thrive in any knowledge-intensive industry.

    Master of Library & Information Science Master of Library & Information Science


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    Master of Science in Information Management Master of Science in Information Management

    Ph.D. in Information Science

    Make a difference through research, teaching and service to the community.

    Ph.D. in Information Science Ph.D. in Information Science

    Video: Meet the iSchool

    Get a quick overview of our approach and learn how the iSchool solves information problems.

    We Make Information Work

    We help people and organizations use information to achieve their potential. The iSchool is a home for innovators and leaders who want to harness information for positive change. Our graduates are adept at designing, refining and building information systems attuned to people’s needs.

    Problem solvers

    Capstone showcases iSchool students' innovative solutions to information challenges

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